A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

From the bowels of Patala loka comes a game that will rock you with renunciation, paralyze you with penance and ultimately grant you divine service to Radha Krishna.

Struggle to advance thru the 9 stages of devotional service while avoiding those pesky Matajis who are hell-bent on turning your saffron cloth white.

Do not be fooled by these dove eyed Maniacs their lusty advances will cause you to fall down to the darkest depths of the grihasta ashram.

Stay fixed and free on your journey to Prema and remember, the opposite sex is always always to blame.

"Matajis don't despair you will have your revenge on the fanatical brahmacharis in our upcoming title "Japa Trap!"

Install instructions

Download the file for your Platform and extract the compressed file in a new folder of your choice.

Move the character with the left and right arrows, avoiding the falling hearts and fire your hearts with the Space bar key.


Manic Mataji (Linux 32bits).zip 15 MB
Manic Mataji (Linux 64bits).zip 15 MB
Manic Mataji.app (Mac).zip 15 MB
Manic Mataji (Win 32bits).zip 12 MB
Manic Mataji (Win 64bits).zip 14 MB

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